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De novo assembly (Forge) (GenomeMapping) (v20)

1. Start GENETYX-MAC application.

2. Select [Application] → [GENETYX NGS-MAC].

3. Select [Function]→[Assemble (Forge)].

4. Click the [Add] button.

5. Select fragment sequence files.

6. Input an estimated genome size into the Genome size text field.

7. Click the [...] button on the right of the Reference text field.

8. Select a nucleotide sequence file (in FASTA format) for simulation.

9. Check the [Save statistics file] checkbox.

10. Click the [...] button on the right of the Save statistics file text field.

11. Specify a location and a name of a simulation result file.

You can use the saved simulation result for the next time.

12. Click the [OK] button.

13. The result is displayed.

It will take time to display the result depending on the size of the data. Too large data will cause an out-of-memory error.