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Install the ClustalW. (v20/v19)

1. Go to the page of a download by clicking on the 'available for download here' page of the ClustalW2.

2. Download clustalw-2.*-macosx.dmg.

'*' is the minor version number.

3. A disk image is mounted when you double-click the clustalw-2.*-macosx.dmg.

4. Open the disk image and copy clustalw-2.*-macosx folder in a hard disk.

5. Select [File]→[Parallel Editor].

6. Click the [Import Sequence] button and read sequence files.

7. Click the [ClustalW] button.

8. Set a path of ClustalW in 'Select ClustalW' of the ClustalW Parameter dialog.

9. If you want to use the ClustalW2 , select the 'clustalw2'.