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v20 v21 Map segment sequences to the reference sequence (GenomeMapping)
v20 v21 Check sequence quality (GenomeMapping)
v20 v21 Trim sequences (GenomeMapping)
v20 v21 Install the Primer3 Ver.2
v20 v21 Convert complement of the nucleotide sequence on a Parallel Editor
v21 Create Division in the Sequence Database
v20 Create Division in the Sequence Database
v20 v21 Local BLAST Search
v20 v21 Install the ClustalW.
v20 v21 To create a multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree with ClustalW.
v20 v21 PCR Primer.
v20 v21 Analyzing the restriction enzyme recognition site.
v20 v21 Displays detailed information for a restriction enzyme.
v20 v21 How to download sequences from NCBI by GENETYX.
v21 Setting the background color of sequence
v21 Turn Off Auto Save
v20 Turn Off Auto Save