GENETYX for Windows

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Installing the ClustalW. (v15/v14)

1. Download the clustalw-2.1-win.msi from

Launch the installer by double-clicking the clustalw-2.1-win.msi. Please follow the instructions to complete the installation.Clustalw2.exe is created in [C:/Program Files (x86)/ClustalW2].

2. If ClustalW Ver.1, download the from

When you unzip the, you can get the clustalw.exe file.

3. Select [File]→[Parallel Editor].

4. Read sequence files.

5. Click the [ClustalW Alignment] button.

6. Set the path of the clustalw.exe the 'ClustalWのパス' of ClustalW dialog.

7. If you want to set the path of the ClustalW clustalw2.exe, check the 'ClustalW2'.