GENETYX for Windows

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How to install the MIRA plugin manually (v15/v14)

1. Select [Analyze] -> [Assemble (MIRA) ...].

2. When analyzing for the first time, you need to install MIRA. Normally, if you select 'Install automatically' installation will be done automatically. If automatic installation is not possible, you need to download it manually and install it. Choosing an installation method Clicking the URL at the bottom of the dialog opens a page for downloading the plug-in in the browser.

3. If your computer does not have an Internet connection, go to the URL with a browser on another computer with an Internet connection. When the page is displayed, click 'Download' of MIRA to download the plug-in file.

4. If you downloaded it on a different computer please copy it to a computer to analyze via USB memory.

5. Select 'Install from local plugin file' in the dialog for selecting the installation method.

6. In the file selection dialog, select the file you downloaded earlier.

7. Installation is completed.