GENETYX for Windows

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De novo assembly (MIRA) (GENETYX-Genome) (v15/v14)

1. Select [Application] → [GENETYX-Genome] in GENETYX.

For Ver.15, [Application] → [GENETYX NGS (64bit OS only)]

2. Select [Analyze]→[Assemble (MIRA)].

3. When you run the analysis for the first time, a dialog for selecting the plug-in installation method appears. Normally 'Install automatically' will be installed automatically.

If automatic installation is not possible, you must download and install it manually. Install it referring to Manual plug-in installation.

4. Click the [Add] button.

5. Select fragment sequence files.

6. Change [Technology] to appropriate sequencer type.

7. Click the [OK] button.

8. Click the [OK] button.

9. The result is displayed.

It will take time to display the result depending on the size of the data. Too large data will cause an out-of-memory error.