GENETYX for Windows

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Perform Compare Expressin Levels from the execution result of Magic-BLAST.(GENETYX-NGS) (v16)


Select [Application] → [GENETYX-NGS(64bit OS Only)] in GENETYX.

2. Select [Analyze] → [Magic-BLAST (for RNAseq)...].

3. Run Magic-BLAST.

If you specify multiple Query Sequences, a SAM file is created for each query.

4. Select [Analyze] → [Expression Level with BAM...].

5. Specify the SAM file of the Magic-BLAST analysis result and execute the analysis.

Run for all SAM files used in Compare Expression Levels.

6. Save the analysis result to a text file.

The saved file is the count file.

7. Select [Analyze] → [Compare Expression Levels...].

8. Specify a count file for each group to be compared. Then click [OK].

Specify the count file saved in Expression Level with BAM... .

9. The analysis result is displayed.