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v15 v16 De novo assembly (MIRA) (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 How to install the plugin manually (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 Check sequence quality (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 SNP Detection (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 Species Check (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 Trim sequences (GENETYX-NGS)
v16 Perform Compare Expressin Levels from the execution result of Magic-BLAST.(GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 Estimated memory usage and required time of genome mapping analysis (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 Map segment sequences to the reference sequence (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 How to install the MIRA plugin manually (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 Estimated memory usage of de novo assembly analysis by MIRA (GENETYX-NGS)
v15 v16 How to activate on a PC that can not connect to the Internet.
v15 v16 Installing the MAFFT.
v15 v16 Installing the RAxML.
v15 How to upgrade to GENETYX Ver.15.
v15 v16 Creating Division in the Sequence Database
v15 v16 Local BLAST Search
v15 v16 Reading TSV file for a Parallel Editor
v15 v16 Installing the ClustalW.
v15 v16 To create a multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree with ClustalW.
v15 v16 PCR Primer.
v15 v16 Analyzing the restriction enzyme recognition site.
v15 v16 Displaying detailed information for a restriction enzyme.
v15 v16 How to download sequences from NCBI by GENETYX.
v15 v16 How to download sequences from NCBI by Web browser.
v15 v16 Adding a note on a sequence.
v15 v16 Deleting the note that you have added.
v15 v16 Setting the background color of sequence
v15 v16 Primer Properties
v15 v16 How to change the frame order in the Translate to AA
v15 v16 Import and show chromatogram files. (ATGC)